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A  bigger house, a higher paying job, better control over your finances, more wealth, greater recognition or support from your partner, better relationships with your family - sounds exactly like you right?

Well, all of this can be yours if you ask.

However, most of us don’t know how to ask for what we want, which is why we don’t get what we’re hoping for.

I coach women to ask for what they want using a technique I developed called the Power Ask, which uses a combination of practical strategy techniques and a bit of woo, mindset and visualization to get you want you want.

 Our fear of asking along with the lack of clarity in asking, leads to us not getting what we want. Add to it finances and may be a male-dominated environment into the mix and you basically got yourself into a bind.

Bet you’re saying to yourself:  but I am asking why am I not getting what I’ve asked for?

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About The Creative Aligned Strategic Way

  • I founded the Creative Aligned Strategic way to help my clients discover the a new way to grow their businesses.

  • Play – design thinking – vision boarding – brain shifting - in unleashing their potential is where I want to lead my clients.

  • I love using my left analytical brain and right creative brain which means I engage simultaneously in artistic creation and analytical thinking, which is fantastic for idea generation and problem solving.

Women in Workshop

Mridula's Vision for the Creative Aligned Strategic Entrepreneur

  • My mission is to help you, my client and customer :

achieve the highest vision for yourself, your creative projects, your personal goals and your businesses

  •  be profitable

  • grow successful businesses 

  • harness the power of your creativity and skill sets

  • Goal: If we can create long-term strategic solutions to your roadblocks, growing your vision and possibilities for your businesses then everyone's a winner!


 Mridula's background

Corporate CEO - Creative designer

  • I’m a former set designer and producer for TV, film and Hollywood productions who also happened to start her first SUCCESSFUL business at age 9 (mom shut that down so I could focus on school).  

  • The last couple of years have been mostly corporate as the Head of Sales for a boutique consulting firm in NYC, the Founder and CEO of two startups incubated at Columbia University New York that also won numerous awards and represented France in the She Loves Tech Competition for women led startups.

  • Undergraduate degree in Tax, a Masters degree in Communications and a Masters degree in Global Business Strategy from Columbia University New York.

  • Executive coach to management teams at large corporates and a mentor for women led businesses and which gives me immense joy and happiness to see businesses led by women shining!

  • Social: Founder of the Women in Tech, Paris group.  Join here

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Creative Projects in The Land of Cheese and Wine

So important to play and get those creative juices flowing!

  •  I currently live and work in the land of cheese and wine – Paris, France ( another podcast about this coming soon!)


Entrepreneur, creative, stuck with a road block or just need help problem solving?

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