Sarah Eyden

Concert and Recording Artist​

Sarah is a former member of The Swingle Singers. Sarah has sung on over 200 hundred Hollywood film soundtracks (including Harry Potter) and has worked with Orchestras worldwide in some of the greatest concert halls with the world's greatest conductors.

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As a result of working with Mrids I was able to make a plan for 2021 and have clarity on what to do to move forward with my new business.  With Mrids help I was able to see clearly the areas I could choose and how to go about that. I felt she was able to help give me good advice on how to decide on my Ideal Client, based on my skills and passions.

We touched on mindset, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs.

Thanks to our session I had insights about how to think about what my passions actually are.

 The challenge I was facing was deciding what skills I should use in my new business from the many things in my life that I was passionate
about. This indecision was holding me back from doing what I needed to start!

I recommend Mrids to anyone who wants help seeing the wood for the trees.

She is also a very kind and compassionate listener who cares about your journey.